Breakthrough Insights

Why Choose Jama SaaS?

We are occasionally asked by our prospects about the benefits of Jama SaaS. As cloud-based software, Jama SaaS affords users access to the latest product updates and innovations for managing product delivery.

In talking to our customers, a few additional key benefits of SaaS  emerged:

Seamless Upgrades

Jama manages software updates and upgrades so your teams don’t need install or download new releases. With SaaS, frequent updates to our software appear automatically so everyone is always working in the most up-to-date environment. SaaS is nice because hands-on users themselves don’t need to worry about anything except their work of building great products. They don’t need to deal with back-end tasks related to updates. And, when they hear about a great new feature, they know they don’t have to wait to start using it.

Secure, Always-available Data

In many instances, business information is more secure in a SaaS solution. At Jama for example, we run multiple geographically separate data centers and ensure data is kept private and always available through redundant data collection. Our highly advanced security and administration infrastructure is complemented by server uptimes of 99.5%.  Read more about the Jama Security & Privacy.

Zero Infrastructure

SaaS means no IT overhead. With Web-based software, companies can install and deploy immediately, compared with traditional enterprise software, which can require wait times of weeks to months. The sooner you can get your teams up and running in Jama, the faster you can get your innovation to market and delivery value to the business. That in and of itself is valuable ROI.