VP of Marketing

Laura Trotter

Laura is responsible for developing and overseeing marketing strategies and operational plans that support accelerated growth. She takes a customer-centric approach and has vast experience in multi-dimensional, integrated marketing in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, and medical/healthcare industries. This makes her an asset in aligning with companies to digitally transform their systems and processes to be better equipped when creating the smart, connected products of the future. Prior to Jama, Laura spent more than 20 years leading teams in fast-paced, high-growth B2B and B2C organizations such as WebMD Health Services, Illumina, Qualcomm, Inc., Nokia (now Microsoft), Motorola (now Google), and Eli Lilly & Company.

"Product development is at a pivotal moment. There’s a paradigm shift happening in the complexity of what’s being built. As a company, Jama has the collective knowledge to lead “big idea” conversations that will fundamentally move the discipline forward."