Predictive Product Development

What Is Predictive Product Development?

Predictive Product Development involves the application of disciplined processes, streamlined methodologies and real-time analytics. Its goal is to give organizations building complex products the power to breakthrough siloed development data and functions, identify and anticipate areas for process optimization and drive more strategic business efficiencies and outcomes.

Designed to remove barriers to innovation, Predictive Product Development is a new, modern way of working characterized by four pillars:

  • Integration
    Taking a broad, deep holistic approach to product development that spans the entire end-to-end lifecycle, resulting in full process coverage and transformation. Predictive Product Development encompasses teams and technology stacks at every layer of definition, design, development, verification, delivery and customer usage to offer data-driven visibility and provide a complete, accurate picture of performance from idea to iteration.
  • Visibility
    Having a clear point of view on your current product development process, while staying flexible enough to continue implementing best practices as things evolve. Software tooling alone can’t fix bad processes. That’s why it’s imperative to align tools with optimized methods to increase adoption and boost success rates.
  • Insight
    Leverages deep, granular data that backs up your organization’s point of view on product development and clearly demonstrates the business impact. By using metrics that inform and fine-tune the product development process, teams expose previously hidden innovative opportunities that can be replicated, iterated and expanded upon in future cycles.
  • Benchmarking
    Ensures transparency into trends data and insights over time — to compare one product or project to another, measure one product development team relative to another, benchmark yourself against others in your industry, and illuminate and share best practices across disciplines to better forecast product quality, performance and releases.

When executed correctly, teams using Predictive Product Development gain an edge over competitors. Predictive Product Development is capable of transforming your business in new and incredible ways, and its influence on your process and industry will only strengthen over time.