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Virtual Reality’s Secret Sauce: How to Innovate Rapidly

VRNot a day goes by that I don’t hear about the life-changing technology of Virtual Reality (VR). It institutes innovation at its finest: it’s storming fast and reshapes and impacts our lives on many different levels.

It also swiftly changes every industry; I’m sure you’ve heard about the gaming industry moving to new levels with VR. The virtual field in football training used now in recruiting new players and game planning without even touching the field. Music shows recorded in VR (including footage of the inside of Bjork’s mouth as she signs a song). VR journalism producing videos designed to evoke the feeling of being in the depicted site. Military adopting VR for boot camp and training soldiers for life-threatening settings, while avoiding the risk of serious injury and saving costs simultaneously. Surgery simulations which have helped with training new surgeons in a safe environment. VR-enabled educational content that keeps kids interested in learning. VR catwalks at Fashion Weeks (“Dior Eyes” anybody?). You name it! Multiple high-profile headsets continue to debut this year.

And the dollars are chasing the trend: Bloomberg and AR/VR advisory firms all report the VR market will increase to an astronomic size, close to $200 billions, in less than a decade.

But VR technology has a few blank spots. Today’s VR products require robust tools for product development and many legacy tools are simply inapplicable. That’s because developing hardware components and creating content that’s engaging and impressive to customers in a competitive market is not an easy task. How do you ensure your tools and infrastructure work well together? How do you stay certain that design, software, hardware, and firmware engineers are enabled to collaborate closer than ever, can communicate well, and stay on the same page with all of their dependencies and current projects? This is the essence of the “secret sauce” and while you may have found one or perhaps are still searching to refine your current recipe, I can guarantee that trying this tool may be just what gets you ahead of your competition. Jama’s ease of use, critical for rapid innovation, may quite simply blow you away!