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Tips to Ensure Success with RM: Take Action Now

The following is the second in a 7 part series of tips to ensure success in requirements management. Read part one of the series: Stay Connected and  download the whitepaper, 7 Tips to Ensure Success with RM. 

It’s easy to fall victim to “process perfectitis” – a condition reached by teams that get paralyzed by process and analysis versus delivering working software. How many times have you heard someone say, “Well, we’ll get to that project as soon as we really lock down our process? “ Is any process perfect? More importantly, should that really be the highest goal of your team?

Whether your team is practicing some flavor of Agile or not, there’s one thing we can all take away from the principles of Agile – it’s that working software is the primary measure of progress. Don’t get us wrong, optimizing your process is important, very important. We’re constantly tweaking our process. However, if you have a better process and no product, you still have nothing to show your customers.

Doing something is better than nothing. Start small, identify a few critical requirements and take the approach of continuous improvement where you build, reflect, refine and repeat. Then, with each release cycle you’ll learn more about the needs of your customers and continuously improve and expand upon the software solution you deliver to them. If you think your team suffers from process perfectitis, look for these symptoms:

  • Requirements definition phase seems to drag on and on and on
  • In the last month more time when spent talking about process, while your product stayed the same
  • Lack of a decision-maker to make the call when to move forward with development

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