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Tips to Ensure Success with RM: Prioritize Objectively

The following is the sixth in a 7 part series of tips to ensure success in requirements management. Read part one of the series: Stay Connected and  download the whitepaper, 7 Tips to Ensure Success with RM. 

Development time is valuable. There’s nothing more frustrating for everyone than wasting time building features that customers don’t actually use and don’t provide value back to your company. This is where requirements prioritization is essential. You need to avoid the common pitfalls of building features
that seem cool or that someone thought a customer might need. Too often, requirements prioritization happens subjectively. The team holds a meeting and debates over the requirements and the loudest voice wins; or a request comes in from a salesperson who just spoke to a customer and the most top of mind request now becomes the hottest priority du jour. With each new feature request or high-level requirement, ask these questions to determine if this is a must-have or a nice-to-have feature:

  • What percentage of our customers will benefit from it?
  • Does it fit our brand values and enhance a competitive differentiator?
  • What is the trade-off if we prioritize this ahead of other requirements?

It’s best to establish an objective prioritization model that quantifies the variables that matter most and that each high-level requirement gets evaluated against. That way, by getting agreement on the scoring model, it’s easier to get consensus on the highest priority requirements your team should focus on, objectively.

Check back soon for the next part of the series. Find more free requirements resources and download the whitepaper, 7 Tips to Ensure Success with RM.