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Webinar Recap: Scaling Agile in Your Organization

Yesterday, Jama co-presented a webinar with Forrester analyst Diego Lo Giudice about how to effectively scale Agile across the enterprise. Diego focused quite a bit on the downstream connection between development and DevOps, while I looked at the upstream connections between development and the rest of the business. Alignment across all these teams is critical and necessary for Agile to truly take hold within an organization.

Those interested in Forrester’s published research on the topic might look into this report from Diego, published recently. Those interested in how Jama guides companies with tools and services to extend Agile out of development can connect directly with me at @derwyn on Twitter or via email.

The session engendered numerous questions from the audience – from these a few key themes or challenge areas presented themselves:

  • Adopting Agile outside the software development environment. How can teams building hardware, embedded systems, even consumer products, be more Agile? Is this possible? What about for managing complex projects requiring massive configuration of systems but no actual delivered product?
  • Traceability. How can one get requirements traceability with no records (in the Agile instance). In regulated industries particularly, how can one demonstrate compliance without a record of requirements testing?
  • Reusable IP. Skeptics of Agile say there’s “not enough documentation for the other groups to do their jobs, especially if original project workers have moved on to other things and or companies… project knowledge is gone!” How do successful orgs make this work? How do you balance agility with compliance?

We will be addressing these questions here in the next few weeks. We’d love your thoughts in the comments.

In response to requests for information about how to connect Jama and Jira or other Agile tools, stay tuned. Jama has tons of new resources for you. Please contact us in the meantime.

Watch the recorded webinar: