Breakthrough Insights

Product Updates: November 11 Release

Our November 9th release includes an update to our Rich Text Editor. This upgrade will bring several enhancements as well as fix some issues with the previous version. Below is a list of the main enhancements:

  • Images can now be uploaded using drag or copy and paste.
  • Images can be resized by dragging to resize.
  • Spell-check is now on by default and leverages the browser spell-check dictionary (except for IE9, which uses a built-in plug-in).
  • The ability to work with tables has been improved by providing clear action items.
  • The bullets have been improved to allow for tabbed indent, better visual formatting and the ability to modify the bullets inline.
  • Exporting to Word has been improved due to improved use of formatting. (Improved formatting will be applied as users modify items. It will not automatically update as part of the upgrade).
  • Users can now remove formatting with one click.
  • The Rich Text Editor resizes dynamically as the user types to create more space.

Read about our other recent feature updates, Public Reviews that Respect user Permissions which adds finer control of user permissions and Roll up Fields, which brings progress measurement to traceability. As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below.