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Product News Round-Up: Wink Connects, Chromecast and iPhone Rumors

The New York Times this week reported that Quirky, the crowdsourcing invention company is making yet another move in the connected home devices space. The company is developing Wink, which will provide operating software to enable communication between smart devices. According to the article, by July there are expected to be 60 Wink-enabled products on the market. Current analysis estimates the connected home market is worth $10 billion and expected to be worth $44 billion by 2017, signaling huge opportunities for growth for Wink and others to race to establish a standard connected home OS. Read more >
Google’s I/O keynote this week featured a number of product announcements (VentureBeat has a rundown) including new Chromecast capabilities.  Chromecast will now enable devices to connect to a television without needing to connect to wifi or Bluetooth. The new technology uses ultrasonic soundwaves to transmit information. Read more >
Rumors about the next iteration of the iPhone are ramping up as summer gets into full swing and fall is approaching. Wired has a rundown on the newest rumors, which include a larger size, image stabilization and expected changes in storage options. There’s still no firm announcement date, but right now September 19 seems to be the most likely date according to Wired. Read more >
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