New Integration: The Jama Connector for Rally now available.

Emily Down | February 7, 2012

Businesses choose Agile to speed time to market of their products and stay nimble and responsive to constantly changing customer needs. As development cycles accelerate, it is more important than ever that project teams ensure development activities align with business priorities.

Today, we’re announcing the availability of the Jama Connector for Rally, which creates an ongoing feedback loop between business and development. This integration gives everyone confidence that development activities map back to customer expectations and priorities.

“This integration automates the process of synchronizing business needs and other planning details from Jama with Rally’s Agile ALM platform to create a single source of record for decision-making across the business,” explained Todd Olson, VP of Products at Rally Software. “It provides an Agile organization with greater confidence that its development team is delivering products that meet the needs of its customers and the business.”

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Facilitating real-time collaboration and decision making across distributed teams
  • Aligning everyone in the organization with Agile processes
  • Maintaining requirements management best practices
  • Syncing business needs with daily development activities
  • Controlling scope and tracking changes seamlessly

“The integration of Jama with Rally’s Agile ALM platform is a natural fit for organizations that are adopting Agile but must maintain formal requirements management best practices to meet their business needs,” said Eric Winquist, CEO of Jama Software, “For industries that require documentation for compliance, contractual commitments or other formal processes, such as Healthcare, Technology, Aerospace and Government, this hybrid approach of ‘WaterScrumFall’ is proving to be a successful way of working.”

The Jama Connector for Rally provides a centralized collaboration hub where everyone on the team can see what’s being discussed, approved and planned in the product for your customers. The value of integrating Jama with Rally is that it provides your organization a best-of-breed solution. The development team can track their stories, tasks and sprints in Rally, while everyone in your organization can collaborate on requirements, track changes and capture approvals to make sure plans map back to customer expectations.

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