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New In Jama: Streamlined workflows for greater productivity

In this latest release of Jama we’re excited to announce new features and enhancements to existing features that streamline the tasks you do every day. The Jama Product team has interviewed dozens of Jama customers over the last year, studying the workflows of successful product teams, and designed these updates to ensure that people can find content quickly and work most efficiently.

Find your most recent work quickly with updated Home Page

Your Jama home page shows your recently viewed projects for quick access to your active work. We’ve enhanced this feature to now include links to places deeper into your project, including:

  • Releases
  • Baselines
  • Test plans
  • Test groups
  • Test cycles
  • Reviews
  • Items
  • Stream filters

Now these recently viewed links will appear on your Home Page so you can quickly get back to your work, saving precious time. This new functionality is especially useful to people who may not use Jama every day, and need to be able to return and access content quickly.

Updated home page functionality makes it easier to find your latest work
Updated home page functionality makes it easier to find your latest work

This enhancement also allows Jama users to do something they’ve always wanted to do in this browser-based application: Get back to a previously viewed page using their browser’s back button, rather than navigate within the application. (Is that cheering we hear?) This is a key workflow enhancement that will make you more productive by allowing you to use what’s become a defacto-standard in web application design.

New Search filters to find content faster

You can now search through a list of projects, rather than click-navigating through the folder tree, making it much faster to find the project you need. As you type, only projects matching that search criteria will be viewable in the list. You can also now search for content across multiple projects.

Search Project View
Type your search criteria into the field above your project list to find your content easier and faster.

Editable item content in a single view

You can easily make updates to items now by simply double-clicking anywhere in the item view. Content that was previously stored in tabs is now visible on one page, including tags, links, and attachments, allowing you to scan and edit from one single view.

More powerful prioritization in calculated fields

In February we released the new calculated fields feature, allowing you to run calculations on data in Jama. This feature has multiple uses, one being the support of WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) prioritization.

Edit items by clicking anywhere on the fields.
Edit items by clicking anywhere on the fields.

With this month’s enhancements you can factor in the number of requests for a specific feature, bringing in the upstream and downstream relationship data connected to that item, rather than entering this manually. Also, with the new editing capabilities in items (mentioned above) you can enter calculations and see the output values automatically within the single page view.

And one more thing…

Ok, so it’s not as exciting for you, but your IT Security team will appreciate this one: Now, when Jama users change their password they must enter their old password, in compliance with SOC standards.

Want to learn more and see these features in action? Watch the latest What’s New video below. Questions? You can also join the Jama Community and share information with other Jama users.