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New in Jama: Expanded Search Capabilities

Jama has some very powerful search capabilities, yet they’ve required users to understand difficult query syntax and languages. In recent hosted releases we’ve focused on allowing users to find relevant information quickly. As we continue to explore innovative solutions in finding and sharing information within Jama, we wanted to point out a few of our favorite search tips and tricks.

Use quotes to only search exact matches

When you want to find a specific phrase, especially if one of the words is somewhat common, use quotes around the search term to only find exact matches. For example, in order to find specific results for dashboard widgets, but not dashboard testing nor interface widgets, then enter:


This will return only results that include those two terms together. Searches now include custom fields, such as URL, user, or integer, as part of your search.

Search within a specific field

One of my favorite features within our list view filter is the ability to use the keyword search just like our overall Jama search. Search within a specific field by entering the field name (users are no longer required to know the database name) followed by a colon (:) and the search term. For example, to only find items that contain the word search within the “name” field, enter:

Name: "Search"

This will return only results for the term search when it is present within a “name” field.

Use filters to narrow your search results

Our recently released list view filters gives you a quick way to filter down to the most relevant data within Jama. In the example below, we did a search for the term search. This returned 2,318 items–way too many to wade through!

Using the filters we narrowed our results by Type, Author, and Modified within the last 30 days. In three clicks we were down to 13 stories. A much more manageable set of results!


One of my favorite features within our list view filter is the ability to use the keyword search just like our overall Jama search. For example, you can quickly filter down items by entering a keyword filter, in this case:

Name: Part 29 AND 3 AND Priority: High

This will only show items that have Part 29.3 in the Name and a Priority of High. Note that this query can be run from the search bar as well.


Search for multiple iterations of a term

When you have a specific term that comes in multiple iterations, the search will now show you all instances of this term. For example if you search the term:


…you’ll  get results that include Trim0 through Trim9, etc. as well as OSCTRIM. This helps you find all iterations of this term.


We hope you find useful the updated capabilities in Jama’s search, and these tips and tricks to better locate the information you’re looking for. All of these capabilities are available in this month’s release of Jama. For a more in depth overview of search, jump over to our Search Tips in the Jama User Guide.

To find out more check out our Jama Solution page or download a trial here. And if you want to get even more out of Jama we’re offering free e-learning for 30 days.

Check in at our Support Community, which is open to anyone, for the latest notes in this July 18th release.