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New In Jama: Broader visibility with improved features

In this month’s release of Jama we’re excited to announce enhancements that improve your ability to ensure full coverage for reliable traceability, the ability to guide new and returning users through Jama’s workflow, and a sweet little update to the single item view that helps you identify relevant data quickly for better context.

Upstream and Downstream relationships in List View

Do you ever wish you could see the future, but remember every detail of the past?  Some might call this a super-power, but we know it as traceability and it continues to be a key capability within Jama.  We continue to improve your ability to quickly see the context of what you are working on by being able to look upstream and downstream from the item.   Within List View we recently added two new sortable columns labeled # of Upstream Relationships and # of Downstream Relationships. These columns provide users the ability to immediately see the number of related items and click on the icon to see the details of those items.



New user on-boarding flow as part of trials and new users

Even seasoned travelers sometimes benefit from having a tour guide in a new place.  What may seem like a simple feature on the surface becomes a larger feature in the bigger context of user experience. Jama’s original on-boarding flow was built in such a way that prevented Jama from providing custom guides that educate users of new features.  The new form for creator license enables Jama to help the users along, providing a much better overall experience.

Single item menu with activity counts

Every picture tells a story, and in the case of Jama, this is true of items too.  See context for Jama items at a glance with the new item menu. The menu appears in the upper right corner of all items and can be configured to show data relevant to that data type. Each button corresponds to a widget of the item, such as relationships or comments. The bottom tabs panel is hidden by default, increasing room to read the item’s content until more data is desired. Activity counts indicate what data may be most relevant, and clicking opens/closes the corresponding tab.

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We’d love to hear what you think of this new release! You can leave a comment here or head over to the Jama Support Community where there are already lots of lively conversations happening.