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Moving Forward in the Age of the Customer

Jama has been fortunate to work with more than 600 customers, and our relationships with them have been rewarding not only in the success that they see using Jama, but also in the way their experience informs the evolution of our product. We see our customers facing increasing pressure to bring products to market quickly and meet their customer needs.

This isn’t a trend we’re just seeing in our industry, Forrester Consulting has identified the current period in business as the Age of the Customer:

A 20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers.

We’re taking our commitment to customers to the next level in 2014 by introducing our new Customer Success Team, led by newly named VP of Customer Success, Lori Schmall. Lori has been with Jama since 2010, when she joined to build the Services and Support departments, where she has been instrumental in helping us build meaningful relationships with our customers. We look forward to her leadership in this new role.

With the Customer Success initiative, our ultimate goal is to cultivate long-term, strategic relationships with our customers, helping them evolve the way they develop products using Jama. As we’ve watched our customer base grow, we’ve gained insight into their experiences and practices. We’ve been able to integrate best practices into the Jama platform as well as develop better ways to approach product delivery.

We look forward to helping even more customers achieve success in building great products in 2014 and sharing stories from our journey in the Age of the Customer. Learn more about the success our customers have seen by reading our case studies.