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Jama Tips of the Month: June

The Jama Tips of the Week are now housed over on the new Jama Support Forum. Same great content, same informative videos… just a new home. We’ll provide a round-up of the monthly hits here to keep you in the loop, but please pop on over to the forums for timely updates and more good stuff.

The most popular videos from June:

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Subscriptions Notifications in Jama

Jama’s collaboration features help keep your colleagues involved in the project and put everyone in sync when updates or change occurs.  This video will help you understand the differences between notifications and subscriptions and how to manage your profile to update the frequency your personal notifications.

Viewing Items in Jama from Multiple Projects

Do you often need to switch between projects in Jama to view different items? This video will show you a neat tip on creating views that show items from multiple projects without having to switch out of the current project you are currently working in.  This can streamline your workflow and save you time from switching between projects.

Configuring your Jama Dashboard

Project dashboards are a powerful medium to help ensure that you can get the most out of every moment in Jama and verify that nothing slips through the cracks. Jama’s project dashboard acts as a mission control center to your project, providing configurable real-time information that can be displayed in a variety of visually appealing formats.  For this week’s tip of the week we’re going to show you how your team can configure their dashboard so that you can take your projects to infinity and beyond.