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Jama Tips of the Month: July

The Jama Tips of the Week are now housed over on the new Jama Support Forum. Same great content, same informative videos… just a new home. We’ll provide a roundup of the monthly hits here to keep you in the loop, but please pop on over to the forums for timely updates and more good stuff.

The most popular videos from July:

How to Control Image Sizes

This short one-minute video teaches you how use Jama’s administrative function to automatically control image sizes. This will avoid the inconvenience of having to scroll when an image imported is too large.

Convert Items with Children to Folders

Folders are a fantastic way to get organized. Check out this video to find what you are looking for quicker!

Viewing Comments in the Review Center

Want to save extra clicks? Learn how to create views that show items from multiple projects. This will help you avoid the hassle of constantly switching out of your current  project.

Save Time with Embedded Filters

Take filters to the next level! This video shows you how embedded filters can help you be even more precise in your queries.