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Jama Sponsors Top Formula Student Team


Today we’re proud to share the news of our sponsorship of the Formula Student team, Delft University of Technology Racing (DUT Racing). Now in its 14th season, the team has a proven record of performance and is one of the top student teams in the world. The team will be using Jama to plan, build, test and deliver its new Formula Student car, which will compete in numerous world-class races over the summer.

Throughout the project, we will be sharing regular updates about the team’s progress as they move through each phase of development and delivery. We asked chief engineer Marinus van der Meijs and team manager Tim de Morée to talk about their team and competition, here’s what they had to say:

Tell us a little bit about the Formula Student competition.

Formula Student is a premiere competition in which teams of engineering students from around the world design, build and race a Formula-style car. The competition began in the United States in 1981 and expanded to Europe in 1998.  More than 500 student teams around the world now compete each year.

What got you interested in joining this team?

Most of us feel like being able to build from scratch is an opportunity we may never have again. It could be the only time in our careers when we work on something from concept through to launch.

How long does it take to build the car and what kind of requirements are there?

It’s a nearly yearlong project. We’re currently in our concept and design phase. By the end of April, we finalize the car itself; racing competitions begin in July. We have five technical departments, each with a manager. Each department consists of 10-15 students who all have to manage requirements from the FSAE rules but also several demands and wishes that are set by our core team or the team members themselves.

How will Jama help your project?

Jama will help make the process a lot easier. We have to do a lot of managing people, and we have tons of information to keep track of. Right now, we are storing things in Word documents and Dropbox. We see the value increasing over time, because next year the team will have access to everything we have done this year, and that knowledge will continue to accrue. It will be like the cars – our first car still runs, even after 14 years!

What is your team structure like?

Nearly 100 students work on our team in total. We have a core team of nine members, of which we are a part. Core team member are committed to the project full time for the year. The rest of the team members are involved in addition to also maintaining their class load.

DUT Team

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

DUT Racing is currently ranked No. 2 in the world in the Formula Student Electric class. We’ve historically been very competitive in our classes, and we’re looking to again become the electric car champion as we did in 2012. (Read more about the team and their results on their website)

Do many of your alumni go on to work in the automotive industry?

Our team members get involved mainly due to their passion for engineering, so we have students who go on to work in the automotive and aerospace industries, but also many other industries. Our alumni often continue to be involved as advisors for new generations of students.