Jama South Murals

Cameron Meek | December 5, 2013


We recently expanded our Portland office footprint with the opening of our Jama South building. Approached the expansion with a spirit of exploration – a nod to our northwest heritage. We want to make sure that all of our migrating employees feel like this new building is a home away from home. And for those of us not making the migration—a Jama timeshare. We want everybody to feel like they are a part of something special with this new Jama frontier, especially for our colleagues southward bound. To celebrate this milestone and ensure comfort for our moving members, our 11th and Flanders location must have a strong Jama presence.


Through the entrance of Jama South, our mountain mural stands tall welcoming all arrivals. This multi-media piece transcends the second dimension using nails half speared into the wall, then yarn used to fill in the blanks and stitch the nailed outline together. With this effect the type is protruding from the rest of the mural.


From the outside of Jama South, the garage door opens up to our commons area. The garage acts as the focal point of the room. Capitalizing on that fact, this dominant piece of working machinery becomes a map of the Pearl District with an orange path linking the Jama homes together.


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