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Seilevel Reports on the Best Requirements Management Tools for Business

Jama was recently part of Seilevel’s Requirements Management Tool Evaluation. As part of their webinar presentation, Seilevel asked a very important question: “what is harder than selecting a requirements management tool?”

The answer, not surprisingly, was “implementing the tool.” The implementation challenges Seilevel presented were categorized in two ways:

1) Tool Limitations, and

2) People Resistance.

We rank very high in Seilevel’s evaluation of capabilities for selecting a requirements management solution (4th). Where we see Jama succeeding even more is overcoming the implementation challenges.

Requirements management tool

Implementation Challenge #1 – Tool Limitations

One of the key Jama capabilities Seilevel highlights is our completely flexible data model. If you follow the guidance “process should inform the tool” then Jama is for you. Our flexible configuration allows you to mold Jama to fit whatever process and methodology your team needs. And it’s easy! No scripting or back-end database tweaking – all Jama configuration is done right in an intuitive web based user interface.

Our ease of use makes adoption much easier. In fact, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of ADLM tools highlights this strength: “The vendor delivers ease of use that is apparent in viral adoption in requirements management, an area that has often failed to overcome the incumbency of Microsoft Office.”

Implementation Challenge #2 – People Resistance

An internal champion that drives the value of the tool is so important. Whether the value you’re seeking is faster delivery, managing complexity, or increasing efficiency, people need to know the “why” behind any tool implementation. And while that’s best heard from their own colleagues within the organization, Jama works with your champions to foster a successful implementation.

From your first touch at Jama, our Account Management team helps drive the value and return-on-investment analysis during tool selection. They strive to understand the deep rooted problems you’re trying to solve and our Customer Success team works with you to take a holistic approach to implementation. This includes services to deliver process consulting, recommending Jama workflows to facilitate your process, and planning the launch to your user community.

While we follow a general method to facilitate success, we know every team and implementation is different so our Customer Success team will work with your champions to map your organization’s path to a successful launch and adoption of Jama.

We thank Seilevel for including Jama in their evaluation. You can request their full report.

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