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Jama Joins Portland Tech Companies in Diversity Pledge

Creating an inclusive culture has been a fundamental company mission since Jama was founded. We believe that diversity and fairness is not only the right thing to do, but also essential for Jama’s ongoing success. We have created a strong foundation and look forward to building on it from here. We know that as we scale, building a diverse team will bring the depth of experiences and expertise that will fuel our growth.

Earlier this year, Jama joined in conversations with partners from the TechTown Portland collaboration and the Portland Development Commission about challenges we collectively face with recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. We are confident that by approaching this as a community, we will all make a significant difference within our organization and to the region’s economy. Jama is proud to be participating in this effort and to see such enthusiasm from the community.

Jama is continuing to hire for positions across the company. Here are some of the key roles we will be filling this year:

Engineering Management: You are a pro in scaling organizations both technically and leading people.

Release Manager: Agile Scrum is what energizes you, and you have an eye towards driving improvements within a continuous delivery environment.

Quality Engineers: Test, Performance and Automation for those who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Software Engineers: Speaking the languages of Java, ReactJS and Javascript in your sleep.

Technical Support Engineers: On the front-lines of connecting with our customers and shaping our product as you go.

User Experience Content Strategist: Writing, editing and maintaining highly engaging content to enhance how our customers experience our product.

Lead and Sales Development Representatives: Being crucial in that next big deal by generating qualified leads for Sales.

Customer Success Managers: You are the master of managing and owning customer relationships, creating growth opportunities and turning customers into advocates.

Implementation/Deployment Consultants: You are a coach of customer deployments, a guide to immediate and sustained value, a trainer of collaboration.

These are just a few of the positions we’ll be filling. Please bookmark our Careers page to keep an eye out for current openings.

To find out more about the Tech Diversity Pledge read the news release from the Portland Development Commission.