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Jama Helps Fortune 100 Company Streamline Mobile Development

A leading semiconductor manufacturer was looking to extend it’s leadership in mobile technology, which is growing like crazy. It’s mobile development teams are located all over the world and work on multiple, parallel projects, lasting anywhere from six months to a year. In total, we are talking about 2,100+ engineers, designers and stakeholders working with millions upon millions of requirements.

It was estimated that as much as 50% of requirements could be reused from project to project. Given this, the team saw an urgency for requirements reuse so they did not have to recreate existing requirements, thereby helping to accelerate mobile product development.

Using Jama, learn how this company:

  • Was able to reuse rather than reinvent as much as 50% of development and design requirements.
  • Accelerated development schedules from 3 people working 6 months to 1 person working 1 month.
  • Reduced project costs.
  • Ensured traceability of configurations and vital information across projects.

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