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Introducing the Jama Support Community

So you know Jama inside and out. You’re the go-to person at your company for questions about everything from configuring the Explorer Tree to setting up software testing dashboards. You’ve seen your teams go from trying to manage through a chaos of documents, email and disorganized file-sharing tools to collaborating and making critical decisions in real-time, and you can measure the positive impact this has had on the quality of your products and the morale of your team.

Or maybe you’re new to Jama and your team members are increasing their productivity with real-time collaboration and you could use some guidance on how to report on the stats of your Review Center usage to your management team.

Whatever stage you’re at in your usage of Jama we are excited to invite you to our newly-launched Jama Support Community, powered by Get Satisfaction. We’ve created this open-to-all community site to offer a place to ask questions about how to get the most out of Jama and to share expertise about the best ways to manage product development.

We’ve organized this community around the ways teams use Jama. We’ve created dedicated sections that:

You can also find — and send your teams to watch! — Jama’s latest online training videos, which we’re always updating as we release new features. We’ve also made it easy to find release notes for both our hosted and on-premises releases to keep you up-to-date on cool new things you can do in Jama as well as bug fixes. And this is the place where you can submit a Support ticket if you need direct help from our Support team.

And while we think it’s pretty handy to have all of this useful content in one place, we know a community is really only as good as its members which is why we’d love to have you join (just click the “Register” button in the top-right of the screen). Already we’ve got longtime Jama users, as well as members of our Support team, in lively conversations, sharing their expertise.

You can also be sure that the Jama Product and Engineering teams will be listening in on this community so speak freely about how your product teams work and what you’d like to see in Jama.

Start here to find out how to get started with our new community, how to set up your profile and how to search for information. If you have questions you can just reply in this thread.

We hope you’ll join us!