Predictive Product Development

Introducing Jama Analyze

Product development teams face incredible pressures to deliver more innovative products, faster and with sustained high quality.

At Jama Software, we’ve been working with innovative companies at the forefront of this endeavor. One of the common challenges we’ve seen is product and engineering leaders lacking visibility and critical insights into their product development process.

In the constant struggle stay on task and on track, they’re looking for insights and analysis to understand how their teams are performing, identify opportunities to reduce risk and communicate that information quickly across the organization.

We’ve set out to address this challenge with the launch of Jama Analyze.

As part of the Jama Product Development Platform, this new solution builds upon the product development data that teams generate with solutions like Jama Connect™, Atlassian Jira Software, GitHub and more, to give product leaders a far-reaching view into performance and the insights needed to mitigate risk and impact product success.

With simple accessibility and easy-to-understand charts, graphs and other visual indicators, Jama Analyze allows business leaders and product developers to connect the dots between teams, decisions and data sets that existed only in isolation before. This ability allows teams to drive strategic insight and sustain competitive advantage.

The benefits of this new addition to the Jama Product Development Platform spans entire organizations, from product to engineering, quality analysts to executives. Here are some of the key features of Jama Analyze.


Standardizing process and performance is easier when you can remove data silos and compare KPIs across all teams in a single chart or dashboard. Create as many dashboards as needed, give context to product development data, compare performance across teams and products or use private dashboards to keep sensitive information within groups.


Establish New Operational Benchmarks
By gathering and analyzing information across your product development process, teams can reveal roadblocks and inform actions. Jama Analyze also enables your teams to own the analysis they need and reuse critical information for higher-level product and program views. It also uncovers important quality trends that until now have been buried in spreadsheets, low-level reports or simply missed.

Highlight Early Warning Signs of Risk and Opportunity
As development teams move at faster speeds to meet market demand, it’s easy to get lost in the process. With teams so focused on hitting deadlines, they can overlook the areas of their process that could be refined to minimize errors and maximize innovation. Shared insights from Jama Analyze help teams surface these data points and take quicker action for better business outcomes.

Improve Organizational Performance
Align your product development organization around common company-defined goals and KPIs to establish baselines for performance and measure progress. Organizations can leverage our best practices in the form of suggested recipes and templated metrics, as well as build out their own dashboards, to create common standards across groups.

Jama Analyze unlocks new universes of strategic insights for product development companies to make better products. And, when used in conjunction with Jama Connect, organizations begin to unleash Predictive Product Development.