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Internet of Things & Product Development

I’ll be co-hosting a webinar on February 10 with Frank Gillett from Forrester on how product delivery is changing in our new connected world. The webinar is titled: Get Smart About Product Requirements for the IoT. You can register here:

I’m really excited about this because not only does IoT directly impact how our customers are using Jama to build innovative products, it’s also a personal passion of my own. I have a Nest thermostat at home, an apple watch on my wrist, and an electric car I can monitor from my phone. I’m always the first person to adopt a new technology, knowing it will most likely not be perfect at first and always excited as new updates enhance my usage. I can’t wait to see what the future brings as everything around us becomes more connected. I especially can’t wait to never worry about traffic again!

I look forward to hearing the perspective from Frank and our audience. I’ll specifically be discussing what I’ve been hearing while talking with our customers, including the biggest challenges being faced by product companies in our increasingly connected world and the solutions they’ve had success with.