Predictive Product Development

How the Future of Product Development Becomes Predictive

What’s considered a state-of-the art product today has completely changed from a decade ago.

Rapid innovation has been a long-standing trait of software, but with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), this imperative is poised to transform an array of other industries. From large corporations designing connected cars, appliances and medical devices to banks and government agencies modernizing their service offerings through apps and web portals — all are now facing the relentless pressure to integrate and continuously iterate new technologies.

Every business is facing the need to transform how they build products — knowing they may become obsolete if they don’t. Rising product and process complexity introduces new and mounting pressures, as organizations gradually realize their longstanding methods of product development are unsustainable.

Jama Software has been readying an answer to these challenges. We believe Predictive Product Development ushers in a new, modern way of working, designed to remove barriers to innovation. Organizations will map the living narrative of product development and harness connected product and customer data to redefine the process for building tomorrow’s breakthrough offerings.

To see our view of the future unfold, watch the video below.