Predictive Product Development

How Predictive Product Development Will Transform Your Business

We live in an age of incredible technological promise — driven by products connected like never before — but to achieve that promise, product development teams face incredible pressures to deliver more innovative products, faster, and with sustained high quality.

This new age is a direct result of digital convergence paving the way for new products that combine hardware with sophisticated software, unleashing new potential for consumers and businesses alike.

The more we work with the top companies across industries, though, we find that traditional product development processes can’t keep up with the complexity necessary to create these breakthrough products. Particularly because it takes large teams with very different backgrounds — hardware and software — to come together to design and build them.

We weren’t surprised to find that fewer than half of companies surveyed by The Hackett Group last year have a strategy in place to meet these implications head-on1. And, according to Forrester, manufacturing firms with decades of experience developing products are being challenged by “democratized” product development, digital capabilities and as-a-service business models2. We see this kind of shift as just the beginning.

We believe in a better way

In response to this changing landscape, it’s no secret that companies are beginning to invest heavily in process transformation. A cross-functional effort, these initiatives come with high hopes of decreasing time to market and adding to the bottom line, but often engage product development haphazardly and incompletely. Without the visibility necessary to understand the impact of the process changes, it’s unclear whether the changes are delivering the critical results required.

We set out to break down this barrier and give product developers — from practitioners to leaders looking to “future-proof” their business — a single platform that can serve as a first-order decision-making solution. No such product existed before today.

There are many solutions for collaboration and development — but what’s been missing is a genuine end-to-end product development platform that spans the entire lifecycle and beyond — from ideation, to verification and validation, to launch, to strategic decision making about what comes next.

The future of product development is predictive

Jama Software believes Predictive Product Development is the path to success and a logical extension of digital transformation for product teams. It’s about taking product development from merely reactive and prescriptive to truly predictive by harnessing the data and output of today’s connected products to redefine the process of building tomorrow’s breathtakingly innovative offerings. It completes the cycle of transformation. It informs teams and decision makers of potential risk and highlights new opportunities.

To achieve true Predictive Product Development, your product development platform must:

  • Include a broad and deep view of the product development lifecycle for true process coverage and transformation.
  • Express a clear POV on best practices to align methods with tools, increasing adoption and success rates.
  • Use analytics and insights to drive individual behavior, action and strategic direction.
  • Provide team, company and cohort benchmarks to accelerate and systematize improvement.

Organizations that embrace this new predictive approach will be in the strongest position to maximize their products’ revenue potential and achieve competitive advantages.

Jama’s Product Development Platform

For years, we’ve been working with innovative companies at the forefront of this struggle. As a result, we’ve invested heavily in the Jama Product Development Platform — enhancing functionality in our flagship product, renamed Jama Connect™, and introducing our new product, Jama Analyze™. The solution provides full visibility and manages the entire product lifecycle.

This is a journey we’re taking with you and our customers to maximize the impact of your work while removing risk and friction from the process. Ours is an integrated solution for guiding the strategic and operational lifecycle with process coverage from idea to launch. It gives product leaders the ability to view patterns of risk and opportunity across projects, team and time. The solution aligns methods with tools, makes adoption easy and dramatically increases success rates.

Simply put, Jama’s Product Development Platform helps organizations transform product development. Join us as we continue to shape the future of Predictive Product Development and enable the next class of breakthrough products.

To learn more about Predictive Product Development, watch our on-demand webinar that dives deeper into the topic: Harness of the Power of Predictive Product Development.

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