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How Agile Can We Be? Proposing a Manifesto Makeover


The Agile Manifesto has served software teams very well since its 2001 introduction, but it currently presents real challenges for business analysts and other stakeholders involved in the broader context of application development. Derwyn Harris, Jama Software co-founder and product manager, issues a call to arms for fellow developers to more fully integrate with the ways business works today.

Challenges discussed include:

  • Information is everywhere. Software is everywhere. And the Internet is still in its babyhood. While its potential is awesome to contemplate, the complexity we face in evaluating, organizing and coordinating it all for maximum usefulness and greatest benefit is monumental. 
  • While new tools, systems and methodologies bring us new capabilities, insights and strengths, the people these tools are designed to benefit can’t be de-emphasized; the successful adoption of any new product or process will continue to be dependent on what people need from it and how they want to use it. 
  • How the rise of the empowered customer combined with modern technology’s connectivity have flattened traditional communications hierarchies and changed power, influence and relationships in ways that are not always apparent, but which companies can’t afford to ignore.

Times change and Agile concepts should adapt. But how and what? Download A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto and deconstruct which concepts still work and which still need to evolve.