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How to Stay in the Eye of the Hurricane

Jama release

It’s hurricane season for much of the nation, and with a quick glance at the weather report, you can see how complicated forces come together to create the perfect storm. In today’s development environment, simultaneous forces are also coming together to drive change in how products are defined, built and delivered.

This is especially true for teams building complex systems that include hardware, software, firmware, etc. The tensions compound in highly regulated industries where organizations are forced to balance speed without sacrificing quality. As someone on the front lines of building these products, how do you stay in the eye of the hurricane – safe from the storm?

It was with that core challenge in mind that our engineers set out to build the latest version of Jama. It was critical to us that this release acknowledges the scalability and enterprise needs of our customers, the scope of data, connections, and people necessary to bring organizations and teams together. In doing so, not only are we able to speed up delivery cycles by bringing in the correct people early and often, our customers  have full context around the what and the why when they are brought in.  Our ability to mimic and replicate teams’ workflows in Jama enables ease-of-use and fosters more widespread adoption.

Our definition of traceability is evolving, too. Historically, traceability has been thought of as a bi-directional, linear process. At Jama, we’re now building dynamic traceability – also referred to as “live traceability” – so that from any view within the Jama solution you can follow traceability relationships both up and downstream, navigate multiple levels down, add and delete relationships, view descriptions of items, filter, and share. Traceability is now a central view throughout Jama, not simply an exported matrix or separate coverage view. This dynamic view of interconnected data and people closely aligns to how systems and embedded products are actually built: it isn’t a linear process. It’s multi-dimensional and layered with interconnectivity.

We’re also reimagining collaboration. Yes, “collaboration” is a buzzword commonly met with skepticism. Often times when people hear “collaboration” in the context of productivity tools, they shiver with thoughts of weekend plans and cat memes. We want to be the system of record and action around how companies develop complex life and economy-critical products, and collaboration for us is not simply getting everyone in the same virtual room, but to also capture all of the activity that takes place around the development of your products, so everyone involved has full context around what is being built and why.

This is just a taste of the great things to come for both the evolution of our product and our customers. We are committed to growing with our customers, just as we are evolving to match the ever-changing complexity of developing products in complicated industries like automotive, medical, aerospace and defense, etc.

Traceable communication. Documented decisions and actions. All product and systems info organized and contextualized from concept to launch. With Jama, it’s your reality. Try Jama and see how we can help you solve your team’s systems engineering challenges.