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Now GA: Enterprise Collaboration for Product Delivery

The right discussions, the right people, the right decisions…now available

At Jama, we believe successful product delivery takes more than well coordinated product teams; it requires alignment between stakeholders and product teams, from concept to launch. Earlier this year we launched an early-access release, which lets teams capture discussions they’re already having over email, at meetings and in hallway conversations. We were excited to quickly get our new enterprise collaboration capabilities in front of existing customers and prospects — to validate and refine our solution before making it generally available.

As we met with dynamic customers, including TiVo Inc.and DAX, we confirmed that teams have a critical need to pull stakeholders into ad-hoc conversations to answer questions and make necessary decisions. This, even for teams that already have an existing place for formal reviews and sign-off of requirements. Conversations relevant to the product were always happening; however, the decisions resulting are often lost in emails and inaccessible to other affected stakeholders, requiring teams to revisit the same issues and decisions. Addressing those challenges were critical to the teams’ ability to achieve their goal of delivering great products faster. We continued to evolve the early access release to what would become our Summer 2013 Release.

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of our Summer 2013 release — the first generally available release of our Product Delivery Platform. This release enables teams to engage business stakeholders throughout the product-delivery process. Key capabilities in this release include:

  • Stream: enables teams to securely pull in stakeholders from across the company into contextual conversations with one-click access for input
  • Decisions: enables teams to formally request and mark decisions within conversation streams
  • Capture: makes it easy to incorporate whiteboard sessions into the project and item-level discussions
  • Mobile: enables conversations, work and inquiries to happen on mobile devices including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows devices to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We also developed a simple migration solution for existing IBM DOORS users.