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Jama-Sponsored DUT Racing Builds 2014 Design

We recently checked in with DUT Racing, the Formula Student team we began sponsoring last fall. The team is using Jama to plan, build, test and deliver its new car for the 2014 racing season. We talked with chief engineer Marinus van der Meijs and team manager Tim de Morée to hear about the team’s progress as the next phase of development begins.
You recently had your design presentation, please tell us a bit about it.
The presentation was great. We had 400 of our classmates, mentors and sponsors attend in person and had roughly 500 attendees watch the livestream of our presentation. We have leaders on our core team who discussed different parts of the car’s design. During the presentation we show what we’ve been working on and the progress we’re making. It’s a chance for us to show the nearly completed design to those we’ve been working with along the way.


How did the design process go for your team this year using Jama?
Jama was positively received by our team. We find it to be a modern tool and the collaborative aspects are very valuable for us in our process. We enjoyed using the stream particularly as it’s a way for our team to stay up to date with changes and decisions being made. We’ve been able to better maintain the integrity of our data throughout the process as well with the record keeping capabilities of the tool. We’ve also been able to work remotely, pulling up Jama on our mobile phones as we go about our student lives.


Now that you’re through with your presentation, what’s next?
We are still making some minor adjustments in our design, but for the most part we are ready to build and have already started in some areas. We’ve made a lot of progress on the monocoque and have machined many other parts as well. Below you’ll see photos of our progress.

DUTmonococqueDUTproduction DUTmachinedparts

This year’s design continues the DUT Racing tradition of the Delft Concept of lightweight design. Our car will weigh in around 155 kg. We’ve also developed custom wheels that have the transmission built in and are significantly smaller than traditional wheels (14.5 in. versus 18 in.).  Each year we push ourselves to build a faster, more innovative car and this year is our best yet.
During the fall you set the world record for acceleration of an electric vehicle and now have a cutting edge design for 2014. What’s your hope for this season of racing?
We’re currently ranked second in the world in the formula student competition. Our team has historically been a formidable competitor and we are hoping to regain the top spot this year. Our car has been engineered to be incredibly fast and we believe the many innovations we’ve refined this year make us a contender for the top spot.
What does your 2014 racing schedule look like?
Our first race will be in the UK starting July 9. Then we will have a couple of weeks off before we head to Hockenheim, Germany at the end of July. Our final race days will be August 17-20 in Austria. We can’t wait to show our innovative design to the rest of the Formula Student society!
We wish DUT Racing good luck as they build their car and prepare for the racing season!