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DREAM15: The event for the latest in requirements management


The Jama UK team is heading to Utrecht next week for the DREAM15 conference, our first time attending. If you’re not familiar with this conference, DREAM stands for Dutch Requirements Engineering and Management, and the event is dedicated to sharing the latest thinking and developments in the requirements management discipline. We’re excited to meet new people from the UK and Europe and hope we’ll renew relationships we made at REConf15 earlier this year.

The line-up of speakers is impressive. There are many great topics covered from issues with development workflows to learning how to generate new ideas and put them into action.  Here’s a short list of the talks we have penciled into our schedules:

Keynote: Systems Thinking for Business Analysts

The Opening Keynote will be given by Paul Turner, of Assist Knowledge Development. Turner will be speaking about systems thinking, and how techniques that are used in software development are impacting and influencing hardware development. He’ll present the key tenants of systems thinking and how they can help BAs in their work.

Requirements gathering in agile: How far should you go?

Speaking about agile requirements gathering are John Copier, an information architect at CB, and Marcel Steur of Qquest. When writing requirements for Agile teams it’s essential to make sure they know what they’re building and why, but not to the level that they’re slowed down by too much detail. The two will present their thoughts on the optimal number of requirements, as well as the right level of detail, to properly support Agile development teams.

Brain Writing Workshop

We’re so curious about this session! Mannon Penning, who has a background in analysis and design, and Piet De Roo, who has worked in embedded systems, are presenting a technique called Brain Writing — at least that’s the English translation!

In this session the two will show how to generate many ideas in exactly 30 minutes, then sift through and find the best ones to start working on. This session is recommended for people who are charged with eliciting requirements out of stakeholders and solutions from development teams.

How Do You Guarantee Requirements Engineering in a Large Organization? 

Sven van der Zee of Dutch Railways (NS) posits that questions are simpler than their answers. In this talk he’ll discuss how Dutch Railways conducts training for its BA and development teams, focusing on only the most essential requirements, and avoids getting bogged down in heavy processes.

Consult your program for the location of our booth when you get there then come find Emily and Barry at the Jama booth. And if you can’t attend, follow the hashtag #DREAM15 on Twitter (that’s what I’ll be doing here in Portland). Hope to see you there!