Breakthrough Insights

Deloitte uses Jama to Deliver Quality System

It’s always exciting when one of our customers realizes success in the face of considerable challenges–and they’re just as eager to share their story as we are.

In the case of Deloitte Consulting, they were hired, under a tight deadline, to modernize the State of Montana’s Medicaid and welfare management system. Knowing that emailed documents and spreadsheets wouldn’t work for this project, the team used Jama to make sure they delivered the best quality system, on time, while keeping costs low.

Even for a team as experienced as Deloitte’s, this job was big, and integrated communication was critical:

  • Over 10,000 requirements
  • More than 5,000 test cases
  • Geographically dispersed team needed an efficient way to collaborate
  • Developers, who tracked project issues in JIRA, needed to integrate with requirements management and testing

With the help of Jama, and our dedicated services team, Deloitte Consulting was able to effectively manage this complex project via clear and transparent communication, and provide full traceability and test coverage ensuring that the final system met requirements.

In order to onboard the State of Montana’s team, Jama had to meet the state’s rigorous User Acceptance Test requirements, which included a solution that’s intuitive and easy-to-learn. After training with 75 reviewers, Jama passed the test.