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Delivering Products Does Not Begin And End With Development

Note: The following is an excerpt from our Forrester Consulting commissioned report, The State of Modern Product Delivery. Read the full report for key insights on the current trends and challenges in product delivery.

Long before a product is released — and often before development has even started — organizations work with customers to understand their needs and set expectations about future product capabilities. The actual product release can be to great fanfare or deep disappointment, depending on how the company has managed these expectations. Visibility into product development is important for sales and marketing stakeholders. Expectations have a powerful effect on customer satisfaction, and companies must carefully manage them.
Articulating The Value Of A Release Challenges Many Organizations

  • Go-to-market plans require accurate and timely information about the value a release will deliver. Understanding the desired outcomes that the release will satisfy is essential to crafting go-to-market messages. If the value of a release can’t be expressed in a compelling way that attracts users, no amount of technical excellence will make it a success.
  •  If salespeople don’t understand it, they can’t sell it. Many products have stumbled when organizations could not provide their sales force with a compelling way to express the value proposition to customers.
  •  If customers can’t understand it, they won’t buy it. When sales channels are direct to customer, the communication problem is more direct. Communication often flows both ways in social media, and awkward messaging goes viral faster than countermessaging can intercept it. Organizations have one chance to get it right, and early communication among stakeholders is the key to success.

Read the full Forrester Consulting report on The State of Modern Product Delivery complete with key recommendations.