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Can the Connected Airline Make Flying Fun?


As summer approaches, you might be planning a vacation. And If your plans involve flying in the United States, you’ll be joined by an estimated 231.1 million fellow passengers during the months of June, July and August. That’s 30 million more than in the summer of 2009 during the recession. Thanks to competitive fares and increased numbers of flights, not only will more people travel this year than last, but more than ever before. That also means that more people will be looking for information and entertainment.
By 2024, some firms are estimating that the global in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) systems market will exceed $9 billion annually. IFEC systems can include hardware, software and the content these systems enable. More and more airlines are coming equipped with Wi-Fi and live TV viewing, but there’s plenty of improvement to making time spent in the sky and airports as comfortable and productive as it is at home. There’s also opportunity to help airline flight crews stay more connected to each other and to their passengers.
Each day, Jama customer Thales InFlyt Experience serves over 750,000 passengers, providing information, in-flight broadband and live TV viewing. With that many customers coming in and out of planes and modern preferences for choice and variety in entertainment, keeping up with technology and offerings requires continuous innovation as well as infrastructure investments. For IFEC systems providers, the goal is seamless connectivity for passengers as well as personalization.
Currently Thales is working to enable pairing of personal devices to the onboard systems, personalization of content and micro social networks. Behind the scenes they’re building capabilities that will help them better monitor customer experiences and improve inflight resources and information. Airlines are moving toward a more connected and personalized future, one that feels a bit more like life on the ground, but with the excitement of a new destination on the horizon.
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