9 Reasons to Ditch Your Car

How to make your commute to work less frustrating

Chris McCraw | April 15, 2016

Jama is a great company to commute to, by bike!  I self-identify as a cyclist – it’s not just something I do, it’s something I am.  How does Jama not only enable but even encourage me to be myself?

Jama loves cycling and walks their talk in several ways. Neither last nor least are some bicycle themes in our office:  All employees get a free Jama t-shirt…and the logo with it is a bicycle!  Plus, the best conference room in the building – with waterfront view – is called Bicycle.

Bike commute
Chris McCraw in his Jama Bicycle T-shirt, by the Bicycle Conference Room at Jama

Additionally, there are some really stellar benefits for employees. A substantial amount of office space is devoted to secure bike parking – my walk to my desk from where I park is about 100 feet. Can’t do better than that, especially for free, downtown!  In the bike parking areas (there are two – one in the main office for the first dozen folks who arrive on any given day, and one with room for every employee in the building in the basement) there are bike stands and tools for working on your bike.  This comes in handy when you have a flat tire or need to adjust something awkward, or oil your chain.  For those who have a longer or hillier commute than me, Jama also provides showers with towel service, and lockers, to get the stink off of us, and keep the office areas smelling fresher than our commute clothes.

Bike commute
Jama in-office bike parking area

But wait, there’s more! Jama also provides something that is above and beyond what I’ve seen at other workplaces.  We have some loaner bikes (in Jama orange!) so that in case my bike is in the shop, or I didn’t bike into the office on any given day, I can still catch a ride across town to lunch or happy hour.  This is not a huge cost, but it has a huge effect – remote employees who visit the office rarely can count on having a ride when they’re in town.

Bike commute
Jama loaner bikes. Photo by Rob Reynolds of Reynolds Wulf Photography.

Jama also loves competing in the More Challenge (formerly known as the Bike Commute Challenge). The organizers of the commute team are devoting some work time to the project (eg: this blog post!) as well as managing a small fund to encourage participation.  We’ll give more details of how we use this fund to make the Challenge fun for all of our employees in future posts!

Other tech companies in town do similar things – from being business members of the BTA to bringing mechanics on-site year round. What is your company doing?


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