Bike Commute Challenge 2011

Emily Down | October 10, 2011

BTA Oregon’s Bike Commute Challenge makes September one of our favorite months of the year. It’s when Derwyn makes us post-ride smoothies and Frank takes us on mystery bike rides throughout Portland. This year, we added seven new bike commuters to our team, and logged a total of 2660.3 miles in 225 trips. Our average daily commute rate was 41.7%.

This year, we added Cody to our team, who had never ridden his bike to work before this challenge. For the Bike Commute Challenge, Cody picked up his bike and commuted by bike 76.5% of the time. He’s now planning on making the 30-mile commute by bike at least two days a week.

John, another rare bike commuter, got on his bike and had his kids ride in to school with him. He even photo documented his trip.

This year, our BCC team co-captains Frank Charron and Derwyn Harris brough the Team Captains of the Year award home to Jama.  For Frank and Derwyn, planning efforts began in August, as they started to put together a month of cycling events and activities.

Frank organized a 52-mile commute to Jama’s offsite team building event for anyone who was up for the challenge. He navigated, let others draft him and even helped fix a flat at the start of the journey. It was a crazy ride into Forest Grove, but great team building complete with a roar of applause upon arrival.

To bring us into the final stretch, Derwyn offered to make his world-class smoothies for all bike commuters on September 29th. The smoothies got Mike to ride in after a 5-year “break” from commuting by bike. Derwyn even offered smoothies to new Jama hires who hadn’t participated in order to motivate them for next year’s challenge. Always thinking ahead!