Best Practices

Best Practices to Ensure Mission Delivery for Government Projects

Major government projects are often challenged by cost overruns, delays and changing requirements. Traditional approaches to development don’t work; government agencies face tighter budgets today and their projects are too dynamic to accommodate the old way of working. As a result, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Department of Defense (DoD) have mandated the adoption of iterative delivery models, such as Agile.

“The new process is intended to take full advantage of the speed of IT innovation to foster an environment for mission-focused and time-critical delivery.”   – Section 804 report, DoD, November 2010

Agile is designed to accelerate time-to-value while maintaining alignment with project objectives. It contrasts with the traditional methods government agencies have used for years by being a more collaborative, empirical and iterative approach to managing projects. Agile is great. It has a number of significant benefits. Still, Agile isn’t easy. It requires new efficiencies and enhanced decision-making capabilities to cope with the increased velocity in project delivery. This can be hard for agencies who are used to doing it the old way.

Earlier this month Jama and GSA partner Carahsoft came together to discuss best practices for government agencies to ensure greater responsiveness, better transparency and faster delivery. You should explore the following best practices:

  •  Traceability & Change ManagementConnect all the data and artifacts. By creating trace relationships between items, you can gather any of the elements needed for proof of delivery, and you can do it quickly and in real-time. One of the main principals of Agile teaches us to embrace changing requirements. Track all of the version history as it evolves over time to understand what is changing and why.
  • Test CoverageThis is an insurance policy to guard against the risk that new features being added upstream are not properly tested downstream.
  • CollaborationConnect everything together and keep everyone in sync from the mission to team level, throughout the process, to deliver incrementally, but stay on mission.

To learn more, watch this webinar and see for yourself how Jama can transform the delivery of government projects.