Breakthrough Insights

API for Everyone

Our REST API has been in the works for a while now, and we’re excited to share this week that it is now available to every single one of our customers, including those that host their data behind firewalls. Last fall we released our API to our hosted customers after a successful closed beta, and this week it was made available to our on-premises customers. The API offers our customers more flexibility and scalability as well as increases application performance.

Our engineering team started working on the API a couple of years ago to replace our incumbent, non-RESTFUL interfaces. Along the way there were a number of challenges to overcome and problems solved. While the release of the API in itself is exciting, we see this as just the beginning. So far we’ve seen our customers put the API to work for them building customized traceability reports for regulatory compliance standards, recording manual and automatic test results and we look forward to seeing more new projects emerge.