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Jama Software Adds Cutting-Edge Analytics to Leading Product Development Platform

I’m excited to announce Jama Software’s acquisition of Notion, a software-as-a-service analytics provider with reporting and business intelligence dashboards for metrics-focused product teams. Notion’s tools allow companies to collect, track and act on important product development data from multiple data sources via a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface.

As demand soars for smart, connected products – and product development becomes more complex – innovative companies increasingly require actionable insights to improve their performance. To that end, by acquiring Notion, we are adding cutting-edge analytics capabilities to the leading product development solution we deliver to customers today.

There are multiple reasons why we are joining forces with Notion. I want to highlight three specifically:

  1. The team: Notion’s strong leadership and cohesive team, along with its proven track record of success, closely align with Jama’s culture and values. This is critical for integrating quickly, to deliver on our goal of bringing unprecedented product development analytics and insights to our customers.
  2. The technology: Notion’s next generation SaaS product was purpose-built to help product teams solve problems with insights derived from data. The product is easy-to-use, highly configurable for different teams and users, and scalable to serve small companies as well as large enterprises.
  3. The shared vision: Both companies believe product development needs a reboot. Consumers are expecting and demanding more and more from products – and therefore product teams must be able to adapt and change how they are building next generation products.

Ultimately, our combined capabilities will further Jama’s mission to modernize, digitize and transform product development – making the process itself a competitive advantage for our customers.

I’d also personally like to welcome the Notion team into the Jama family as our newest Jamanians. I can’t wait to experience what we will be able to achieve in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

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