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Looking Back on a Successful First JamaCon Europe

Intercontinental flights offer time to reflect.

On my trip back from the Netherlands, following the first-ever JamaCon Europe — a one-day, customer-only event held Nov. 8 in Amsterdam — I was struck again by our company’s incredible journey and the amazing customers that have helped us along the way.

JamaCon Europe was the first time we’ve ever gathered our overseas customers for an event strictly devoted to connecting with each other, sharing our vision for the future of product development and enhancing knowledge of our platform, company and values.

JamaCon Europe Rewind

It was a full day of networking and events, featuring a mix of speaker sessions and workshops led by Jama’s staff, fellow customers and industry experts. Together, we shared best practices on topics like requirements management, release governance, and platform tips and tricks. And, to give attendees an inside look at Jama’s trajectory, we also provided a deep dive into our product roadmap and recent business updates.

I had the pleasure of delivering the event’s keynote and spoke about our company’s history and its mission: to modernize, digitize and transform product development so it’s a competitive advantage for our 600-plus global customers.

Between sessions, I caught up with Jama customers from across Europe — including the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and Latvia — who are all building complex products, mission-critical software systems and next-generation technologies. And while we all hail from different regions and backgrounds, we remain united in the goal of building better products.

Our Commitment to Customers

Through our conversations, what became evident is the various ways Jama plays an integral role in our customers’ success. Standing face-to-face with some of them further solidified the privilege we have to serve such an incredible community of forward-thinking minds. And it’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

We’re in a collaborative journey with our customers. The further we can push to improve and expand the capabilities of our platform, the more they can create game-changing products that improve the world we live in.

That commitment to our customers remains one of the reasons our software — first launched from a small space in downtown Portland, Oregon, just over a decade ago — has made its way into the hands of leading product developers around the world, representing 20% of all Fortune 500 companies.

These teams are leveraging Jama to translate their imaginations into products that not only change lives but also save them: from rocket ships to life-critical medical devices, autonomous vehicles to enterprise technology systems.

Facing the Future with Gratitude

As we continue to expand our business into new areas and industries, whether our customers have been with us for six months or eight years, reside in the Pacific Northwest or Central Europe, I guarantee every employee at Jama will continue working diligently to ensure their success.

Thank you to everyone who attended JamaCon Europe. We look forward to building on the momentum of the experience and sharing more with you next year.

As I get settled back in Portland and look ahead to the New Year, I want every one of our customers around the world to know that we are sincerely invested in your success and will continue working on new ways to achieve more of it together in 2019.