On January 16, 2018, Jama Software acquired Notion, a SaaS analytics provider. Below, we answer the frequently asked questions regarding this milestone.

Q: What did Jama and Notion announce?
A: Jama Software announced it has acquired Notion, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics provider with reporting and business intelligence dashboards for metrics-focused product teams. Notion’s cloud-based tools allow companies to collect, track and act on important product development data from multiple data sources via a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface. The deal will accelerate Jama’s ability to deliver strategic insights from the product development process to existing and new customers.
Q: Who is Jama?
A: Jama is the provider of the leading product-development platform for companies building complex products and integrated systems. The Jama solution enables enterprises to accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance. More than 600 product-centric organizations, including NASA, Thales and Caterpillar, use Jama Software to modernize their process for bringing complex products to market.
Q: Who is Notion?
A: Notion is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics provider functioning as the analytics layer for modern product teams. They offer an innovative, cloud-based platform to collect and track performance metrics in one place. Notion’s simple, plug-and-play integrations connect with SaaS tools teams already use. This enables instant reporting including customizable dashboards, best practice KPI recipes and recommended cross-function insights.
Q: What does the acquisition mean for Jama’s customers?
A: Jama’s customers can expect the same high-level value from the Jama platform as always. Over time — by combining Jama's unique expertise and perspective on product development best practices, the expansive data and processes our customers manage with Jama's software platform, and leading edge analytical capabilities from Notion – Jama will deliver an unprecedented level of strategic insights and analytics that make product development more predictive.
Q: What does the acquisition mean for Notion’s customers?
A: Current Notion customers should continue to engage with Notion in the way they do today with no changes. Over time – the Notion product will be enhanced to leverage data from Jama’s product development platform as well as other sources of data.
Q: How will the Jama and Notion products be integrated?
A: The Jama and Notion product and engineering teams will begin working immediately on integrating the Jama and Notion products for release later in 2018. The vision for the acquisition is to leverage the technology from both companies in order to deliver unprecedented product development analytics and insights.
Q: How will Jama and Notion employees be integrated?
A: Notion co-founder and CEO, Dave Shanley, will report to Jama Software CEO Scott Roth. The entire Notion team will become employees of Jama Software at the corporate headquarters in Portland, OR.
Q: Who can I contact for more information?
A: For more information on Jama Software’s acquisition of Notion, email info@jamasoftware.com.

We believe this acquisition propels our growth and that of our customers. Adding innovative capabilities to the leading solution we deliver today will continue to modernize, digitize and transform product development, making it a competitive advantage for our customers.

For more information on Jama’s acquisition of Notion, read Jama Software Adds Cutting-Edge Analytics to Leading Product Development Platform.