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AETNA Putting Technology & Healthcare Responsibility in the Hands of Consumers

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a presentation at HIMSS from Mark Bertolini, CEO of AETNA, about the company, its growth, and its acceptance of not only health care reform but payer reform. Later, he was seen giving a similar presentation at SXSW, extending their technology strategy and the SDK of its newly acquired iTriage mobile application.

Over the next 10 years we are going to see a pivotal shift in our healthcare system with AETNA as one of the forerunners. AETNA’s strategy includes the adoption of technology above and beyond helping their own innovation, to extending platforms to providers and impacting the overall consumer health care experience.

To date the company has acquired iTriage and Medicity, with a pending acquisition of PayFlex, all focused on making the consumer healthcare experience better but extending technologies to providers or employers which improves the entire system and flow of information. They aren’t blind to the fact that the more they help these entities, the more apt they are to survive as an insurance provider through the reform.

This month, AETNA also announced a partnership with Seattle-based Mindbloom, which follows the company’s technology initiatives to put the ownership of healthcare in the hands of the consumer. With most payers providing consumer facing web portals (HIEs), this partnership is taking engagement to another level—engaging consumers through both social and game-like management of your own health and lifestyle decisions. Just another example of AETNA acting as an innovator—making them stand out in a convoluted insurance market.