The Jama Shirt: A History

Emily Down | November 22, 2013

At Jama, we love t-shirts. When we first started out, we committed to printing more t-shirts than brochures because we think they’re the best way to make people feel like they’re a part of our Jama Nation. When I see someone wearing one around Portland, at a conference or in a customer meeting, it always starts a great conversation.

On your first day, you start your collection of Jama tees. You get the latest version (likely in a few colors), and every shirt designed after. It’s my favorite way to look back at our Jama history.

Derwyn, one of our co-founders, has one of the ten original Jama shirts from July 2007.

Jon’s wearing the purple bike shirt. In June 2012, we debuted this shirt, and now it’s available in ten colors. Biking is a big part of our community, so it’s a Jama favorite.

Kenzie’s wearing the Jama tree shirt in Machu Picchu. We made this shirt in June 2010 to celebrate hitting 100 customers. We hid the names of each of Jama’s employees in the branches, along with the number 100.

Jeremy’s wearing the Jama rocker tee, which was designed in 2009.

In writing this post, I tried to think about which shirt was my favorite. I thought maybe the tree shirt (on Kenzie), which was my first design. But it’s too hard to choose! Each of the shirts reminds me of a time in Jama’s history. The astronaut shirt helped us kick off 2013, while the bike shirt reminds me of our bike commute challenges and mystery bike rides. Do you have a favorite? Let us know! Maybe we’ll send you the next design.

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