The 4 fundamentals of requirements management everyone should know… in simple terms.

Jonathan Kuipers | June 16, 2011


Learn them, share them, live by them. No Ph.D. required.

Wish someone would explain requirements management in plain English? Have stakeholders that could benefit from understanding the value at a high-level? Your executives might not care about CMMI, BABOK or the nitty gritty details of functional requirements, but they do care about delivering what was promised to customers on time. And, that’s requirements management.

Think of requirements management as your ticket to ensure your entire team understands what you’re building and why. The “why” is critical because it provides context to the needs, feedback and decisions being made about the requirements as they evolve during the development process. To make sure your projects run smoothly, make sure everyone on your team understands the basics on:

  • Planning good requirements: “What the heck are we building?”
  • Collaboration and buy-in: “Just approve the scope, already!”
  • Traceability and change management: “Wait, does the dev team know?”
  • Quality assurance: “Hello, did anyone test this thing?”

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