Great Things happening in the Portland Tech Scene

Sara Morrow | June 7, 2013

The past few years, Portland has become famous for its great coffee, biking, bacon donuts and great outdoors. Beyond that, Portland has a thriving tech scene of young innovative companies who are constantly pushing the limits and building great products. This week, Techtown Portland, a joint collaboration of 11 companies, released a video featuring the high energy, unique cultures and creative spaces of Portland’s top tech. The goal of the collaboration is to recruit talent to fill the openings of the quickly growing software industry in Portland and to show that relocating here can be a smooth transition.

Recently, I had my own transition. My new role at Jama is not significantly different; however, it allows for growth and the ability to have an impact in a growing organization. After five years in one place, it was scary to put myself out there on the market. On the other hand, I felt a grandstand of support from my community of volunteers. I am surrounded by individuals with drive, passion and accountability, all working hard to support our community and better our quality of life. We are moving mountains with small armies, and that was what I wanted in my next employer.

Now I am excited to help others achieve similar goals through Techtown Portland platform. It’s in our Oregonian nature to offer assistance and a warm welcome to newcomers. Looking for a new job or making a change can fill one with angst. As a recruiter, I have had 1000’s of opportunities to listen, learn, coach and work to help others find employment. This included assisting large number of individuals who were considering relocating or traveling to Portland for that job opportunity they could not pass up. Our tech scene is booming, and not just with our well-known giants, but also with our ever-growing group of innovative disruptive startups. Joining forces with my counterparts around town, together we will attract top talent to our community for a stronger economic future.

Please join our LinkedIn group whether you are local or not if you want to contribute and grow through our vibrant startup scene. I am excited to collaborate in this community and help 1000’s more with the tough career decisions they face.

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