Sociocracy as Agile Alternative

Derwyn Harris | April 19, 2013

Recently my article about sociocracy was published on the Project Times website. I also did a webinar on this topic with Modern Analyst.


“Sociocracy” is certainly an odd word, but I’m really enjoying the context it provides and truly believe that the future of product delivery and agile methodologies is this idea that communication must extend outside of the core team. As if on cue, I came across an article this morning about organizations that continue to rely on a “command & control” structure to get things done. It reiterates the notion that for agile to be fully realized, the entire organization must play an active role in product delivery, and yes the article mentions “sociology” and even introduces “adhocracy.”

Here at Jama, this is core to our belief and I encourage you to keep an eye on this site as we continue to follow our passion of providing a product that encourages this kind of communication.