Review Center: Bringing in context through hyperlinks

Shane Angus | January 12, 2013

Establishing context in a review can be done in a number of ways, one of the more popular methods is hyperlinking to an item that is not part of the review.

For example, you have five business requirements in a review that you need approved by some key stakeholders. As a review moderator, one way to deliver that information to your approver is to create a hyperlink from the requirement in the review to the high level objectives of the project. When the approver clicks the hyperlink a small window will appear with the details of the linked business objective.

Another example where creating hyperlinks in a review is helpful has to do with terminology. Often, your artifacts have a specific industry vocabulary that is not always recognized by all business units or your customers. By using the hyperlink process described above to link acronyms to a common glossary, the user can quickly see the definition of an item or term.

Watch this short two minute video and the next time you moderate a review you can bring additional context into your review. If you have any follow up questions either post a comment below or send a request to