How to Recover Closed Reviews in Jama’s Review Center

Shane Angus | January 23, 2013

Jama’s Review Center allows you to set a deadline (both date/time) for a review to be completed.  Forty-Eight hours prior to the deadline your team will receive an email letting them know they have limited time to complete the review.  Once the deadline arrives your review will automatically be closed and everyone involved in the review will receive an email letting them know the review is complete.

As long as your team has completed the review this process works fine.  However, invariably someone on your team will miss the deadline but will still want to provide feedback.  To allow this, the Jama Review Moderator needs to login and reopen the review.

This video also covers the process for archiving and deleting reviews.

Watch this short three minute video to learn how to recover your closed reviews, as well as archive and delete reviews in the Jama Review Center.   If you have any follow up questions either post a comment below or send a request to