How to Control Image Sizes

Shane Angus | March 6, 2013

Jama’s default functionality allows project users to upload an image of any dimension to Jama.  While this allows ultimate flexibility, there does come a time when the size is simply too large.  For example, modern-day digital cameras often output images that are 4000 pixels wide.  If those images are uploaded to Jama they will display clearly but could result in users having to scroll to see the full image.

Jama’s solution is an administrative function to control the maximum height and width for the image.  Using these defined values, Jama will automatically resize your images.   If you watch this short one-minute video you will learn how to control the maximum image size for Jama.

<iframe name=”wistia_embed” src=”;plugin%5Bsocialbar-v1%5D%5Bbuttons%5D=embed-twitter-facebook&amp;version=v1&amp;videoHeight=360&amp;videoWidth=640&amp;volumeControl=true” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”640″ height=”386″></iframe>

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