Expanding our Global Offerings With MTP

Christian Prusia | March 12, 2014

Today we’re announcing that Jama is officially available in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico as a result of our partnership with the MTP network. Jama’s collaborative requirements management complements MTP’s expertise and testing. Our front-end development process offerings, which helps customers define the outcome of the product and the customer problems it is designed to solve complements MTP’s testing and quality capabilities, enhancing customer value across the development process.


Our customers are seeing increasing need to connect their testing data with their requirements data in order to confirm end-to-end traceability. By combining our software and services with MTP’s expertise, together we will help companies deliver complex products to market faster. We’re also excited to help new customers in Europe and South America further develop the concepts and products that are a result of the tremendous amounts of innovation happening in those regions.

2014 is a year for global expansion for Jama as we bring our product delivery platform to new territories and customers. We’re excited to work with MTP to deliver unique business value to its customers in telecommunications, financial services and public administration. Learn more about the MTP partnership in the official release and see our full list of worldwide strategic partners.